This is the Day that Jill + Preston Married

What would have to happen for a chemical engineer and a writer to fall in love? One categorically logical, and one innately emotional. How precisely would the stars align and how clear would the skies need to be? Was it cupids arrow or just opposites attracting? Was it two halves creating a whole, or was it perhaps something more than we could ever hope to understand? The truth is, we dont choose the one we love. For reasons beyond our understanding and control, love finds us and if were smart, we go with it. We trust love, we believe in love and we are better people, for loving.

When Jill + Preston fell in love, I believe someone, somewhere, knew what they were doing. Someone introduced them, or something brought them both to the right place, at the right time. Someone knew that Preston, the Chemical Engineer, was not all facts and figures. Someone knew that on the day he would marry Jill, he would do a little writing himself. Preston would write a couple songs in fact, tailored to their wedding day, about the love he and Jill shared. Their band performed a surprise rendition of the songs, to Jills delight.

And Jill would make sure that as much as this day was dedicated to the emotions the two felt towards each other, it also represented the two of them, individually. So while she carried a bouquet of broaches, given to her by the many women who made a difference in her life, Prestons interests were also present, most symbolically with the table names, each representing a specific periodic element.

And so it was, in the great Lake Tahoe, the very talented Jackie Cooper captured these two logical human beings, swept away with emotion. This is the day that Jill + Preston married, this is a day for love.

Click here to enjoy the wedding video by the amazing Sarah Gerber of Twenty Twenty Studios

Jills brother and sister also made a timelapse video of the day as well.
YouTube Preview Image


Venue:  Vacation Home - Vacation Rentals by Owner
Flowers:  Tahoe Flower Power for bridesmaids bouquets, table flowers by bride/family
Dress:  Judd Waddell
Pies:  Lois the Pie Queen (Oakland), Fat Apples (Berkeley)
DJ:  friend DJ Big Rigg (Torrance, CA)
Suits:  Jos a Banks
Ties:  Alfani
Bridesmaid dresses:  J.Crew
Catering:  Chef Marlies
Print:  brides sister Megan
Wedding Website:  Bride
Videography:  Twenty Twenty Studios
Music:  Mark Stuckey
Officiant:  Kevin Knox of Mosaicbay
Artist: Brian Lefholtz did water color paintings for us during the day and special moments in our life.


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Teri - August 27, 2011 - 10:25 pm

Spectacular! what an amazing wedding, love it!

Jaclyn Cage - August 25, 2011 - 10:13 pm

This is so great Jackie! You did a fantastic job. I love it!

Jessica Noelle - August 25, 2011 - 6:41 pm

GREAT job Jackie! Just breath taking!

Sarah, you video rocks!

Beautiful wedding Jill and Preston!

Jill Kurtz - August 25, 2011 - 3:34 pm

I am honored to have our wedding featured on your site! The write up is beautiful set up and I think someone totally knew what they were doing when we were put together.

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